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Solvent-Based paints by Barbee Paint and Coatings Co.

     Solvent-based paints cover all industrial needs. Although some solvent-based paints have come under scrutiny by regulatory bodies, Barbee Paint & Coatings Company can reformulate your current products to make it compliant with your regulations today and into the future.

    Barbee Paint & Coatings Company has the specialized technical ability to provide highly-advanced coatings. One of our many hi-tech formulations is resistant to all types of fuels and serves as an artificial galvanization in a typical gas tank. Barbee Paint & Coatings Company's technical know-how is at your service!


The Barbee Company introduces Tank-Coat, the most cost-effective, fastest drying interior tank coating on the market. Manufactured exclusively by the Barbee Company. Contact your Barbee representative for more information.

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