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Whether it is rail wheels or wood fences, Barbee Paint & Coatings Company can formulate a custom product for your company's needs and applications.

  • Specialty Paints - let BP&C custom formulate a product to meet your company's exact needs and specifications.
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings - from salt spray resistant water-based products to gasoline resistant solvent-based products, BP&C can cover and protect your goods.
  • Fast Drying Formulas - BP&C can formulate paints that dry as fast as 5 minutes with minimal added heat and air flow. Speed of dry is critical in the manufacturing process. BP&C will paint your product and get it into "the box" faster.
  • Epoxies - whether for floors, walls or structures, BP&C has an epoxy for you.
      • Solvent-based Epoxy
      • Water-based Epoxy
      • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance - BP&C can formulate a product that keeps your company compliant with all regulatory rules and regulations. Formulating a water-based product to replace it's solvent-based counterpart is our specialty!

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